We Install High-Quality INVISIBLE Sound at DIOR

03/03/2023 | Retail | Technology
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Inside the DIOR boutique in Barcelona showcasing an elegant design with integrated high-quality ambient sound.


Since 1947, Christian Dior, better known as DIOR, is a French clothing brand belonging to the LVMH Moët Hennessy - Louis Vuitton group, the absolute leader in luxury, owning 76 internationally renowned brands.

On Passeig de Gràcia, the iconic luxury street of Barcelona, the DIOR Boutique needed to improve and adapt the sound to match the brand's standard. The center has numerous areas and lounges, so it was necessary to facilitate the way to manage them and enhance the sound quality.


Install very high quality and easy-to-manage ambient sound
Paseo de Gràcia - Barcelona


For this type of installation, we have chosen the prestigious ECLER and AMINA brands, which ensure and guarantee an invisible installation with very high sound quality and simple management that staff can carry out from a simple mobile phone.

ECLER Digital Management: An ECLER digital matrix is responsible for sophisticated and automated management of each of the 9 independent zones created, all of which can be easily controlled from a simple mobile phone. The advantage is that you hear what you are controlling when you do it from that area.

The built-in class D amplifying stages use pulse modulation techniques and achieve greater efficiency. By cooling through convection, they do not use internal fans, and together with the standby option that puts the stage to rest if a room is not in use, they guarantee energy savings that cause less environmental impact.

AMINA Invisible Sound: We have carried out an INVISIBLE installation using several hidden AMINA speakers strategically placed in each area. These speakers provide a dispersion and frequency range that guarantee an immersive sound sensation that increases comfort for the customer.


DIOR boutique ambiance with immersive ambient sound for a comfortable shopping experience.

Ambient Sound in DIOR

The DIOR boutique combines visual luxury with acoustic comfort. Visitors enjoy immersive ambient sound, designed to complement the exclusive shopping experience.
Every sound detail has been thought out to enhance the sophisticated atmosphere and the quality of the products, ensuring that customers are fully immersed in the DIOR world.
ECLER and AMINA equipment managing sophisticated sound in the DIOR boutique, with both remote and local control.

Sound Technology in DIOR

The DIOR boutique integrates a state-of-the-art sound system with ECLER and AMINA equipment, optimized for superior acoustic quality.
Each device has been adjusted for different areas, ensuring an immersive and discreet auditory experience that complements the store's atmosphere of exclusivity and design.
AMINA speaker integrated into the wall of DIOR boutique for high-quality, invisible, and immersive sound

Acoustic Innovation at DIOR

AMINA technology is meticulously embedded in walls or ceilings, designed for an invisible and immersive acoustic experience.
These speakers, combined with ECLER technology, provide exceptional sound quality, reflecting DIOR's prestige and enhancing the sensory experience without altering the space's aesthetics.
Interface of DIOR's custom sound control app on a tablet, for intuitive management of the audio system

Custom Sound Control

Custom app for mobile devices, designed for simple and intuitive control of the advanced installed sound system.
This interface allows DIOR boutique users to adjust the volume and equalization of the audio in real-time, ensuring a flawless auditory atmosphere in line with the elegance and exclusivity of the brand.

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