According to the OMA
(Environmental Ordinance)

Any public place with audio system in Barcelona,
(IS REQUIRED) and must have

Our company is accredited and certified by:

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Your business cannot receive complaints due to noise

We guarantee a complete solution without customers perceiving a change in musical quality.

Acoustic limiter recorder

It is not about installing the cheapest limiter to comply with the ordinance requirements.

An acoustic limiter should also incorporate the latest technology in sound management, so that external noises such as shouting from the audience, applause, or whistles do not affect the music volume.
It is very common for a venue with a basic and poorly configured limiter to have problems with the volume of its music due to the noise produced by its customers.

If your business has this problem, call us.

Likewise, an approved sound limiter recorder must:

  • Allow setting the sound emission and immission limits for different time slots
  • Have a calibrated Class I external microphone
  • Allow different hourly programming for each day of the week and special dates
  • Have a verification system that detects possible manipulations.
  • Being able to detect other sound sources that may operate in parallel.
  • Have a sealing system for connections and external microphones.
  • Have a telematic transmission system.

Passive limiter

To comply with the ordinances, any low-power sound emitting equipment must also be limited.

All those compact equipment such as TVs, micro systems, mini systems, Wireless speakers, Smart speakers… They must be limited obligatorily so that they cannot exceed the allowed sound power.

How do we do it?

In equipment with external speakers (such as mini systems) a certified and sealed limiter is placed between the speakers and the mini system.
The rest of the compact equipment (such as televisions, smart speakers...) must be opened and the limiter placed inside.

We can come to you, or you can send us the equipment to limit it according to requirements.
Once the limitation is completed, we also provide you with the necessary report to justify yourself before the city council.

Remote work videoconferencing solution for desktop
Report of Acoustic Limiter Recorder installed by VisualPlanet and presented at the Barcelona City Council

Report and maintenance

A sound limiter is necessary to apply for an activity license or to solve a problem when a record is opened due to the uncontrolled sound volume in your business.

We take care of everything.

We check the type of acoustic installation, install the sound limiter for you, complete the report required by the city council, leave the sound limiter installed and configured on the telematic platform, and manage the required annual maintenance contract.

In the case of the Barcelona city council and other municipalities, it is required what:

  • The installation can only be carried out by a certified installer.
  • The limiter must remain connected and configured with the telematic platform on which its operation is continuously registered.
  • An annual maintenance contract for the acoustic limiter must be made between the activity owner and the installer.

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