9 - Completed Projects

06/06/2024 | Restoration
Public Address | Sound | Limiter | Sound Installation | Ecler | Ambient Sound | Cesva | Acoustic Sustainability
Installation of Sound System at Santo Mojito Beach Bar
Detail of the ambient sound system installed by VisualPlanet - AiConnex inside the Santo Mojito beach bar at Playa Nova Icaria in Barcelona
VisualPlanet – AiConnex, has implemented a high-quality sound system in the iconic Santo Mojito beach bar at Playa Nova Icaria in Barcelona.

The installation includes robust, weather-resistant, and easy-to-handle equipment from ECLER and CESVA, which comply with the OMA environmental regulations of the Barcelona city council.

The system provides relaxing sound for chillout mode and vibrant sound for party nights, covering the entire beach bar area without expanding beyond the premises.
07/02/2024 | Restoration | Technology
Sound | Limiter | Sound Control | Ecler | Ambient Sound | Sonos | Cesva | Acoustic Sustainability
High-Quality Ambient Sound in Santamasa Sarrià
Santamasa Sarrià Restaurant in Barcelona with High-Quality Ambient Sound System
Santamasa Sarrià Restaurant, located in Barcelona's iconic Sarrià square, blends charm and fresh Mediterranean cuisine with a high-quality sound system compliant with environmental regulations, delivering an unparalleled acoustic ambiance for an exceptional dining experience.
31/05/2023 | Restoration
Soundproofing | Acoustics | Noise
Acoustic Conditioning of La Faràndula Restaurant in Vilassar de Mar
La Faràndula Restaurant with Acoustic Conditioning
A seaside restaurant that offers a cozy atmosphere to enjoy its culinary delights and has further increased the pleasure of being there by eliminating the acoustic problem of reverberation.
20/04/2023 | Hospitality | Technology
Sound | Limiter | Sound Installation | Multi-zone System | Sound Control | Ecler | Void Acoustics | Acoustics | Noise | Rooftop | Luxury | Cesva | Acoustic Sustainability
Premium Sound System Installation at Kimpton Vividora Hotel
Luxury Sound Installation on the Terrace of the Kimpton Vividora Hotel in Barcelona
At the iconic Kimpton Vividora Hotel in Barcelona, VisualPlanet has carried out a premium sound system installation that enhances the luxurious and upscale atmosphere of the hotel.

This project includes advanced sound equipment from ECLER and VOID, optimized for elegant environments. The multi-zone system covers both the vibrant terrace and the exclusive 'Fauna' restaurant, ensuring an exceptional auditory experience without violating environmental regulations.

This installation not only enhances the customer experience but also reinforces the hotel's sophisticated image.
03/03/2023 | Retail | Technology
Sound | Sound Installation | Multi-zone System | Sound Control | Ecler | Acoustics | Amina | Remote Control | Ambient Sound | Luxury | Acoustic Sustainability
We Install High-Quality INVISIBLE Sound at DIOR
Facade of the DIOR Boutique in Barcelona with a high-quality invisible sound system installed by VisualPlanet.
The DIOR Boutique on Passeig de Gràcia in Barcelona is a true symbol of luxury that required an immersive sound installation worthy of the brand.

We have incorporated cutting-edge technology that guarantees incredible results for the client, with immersive, high-quality sound that is invisible and out of sight.

The system is easy and intuitive to use and is controlled by the staff from a simple mobile phone.
15/07/2022 | Retail | Technology
Sound | Sound Installation | Sound Control | Ecler | Ambient Sound | Luxury | Acoustic Sustainability
Ecler Sound Installation at Lladró Barcelona
Enhanced sound system in the Lladró store, Barcelona, by VisualPlanet, emphasizing quality and design.
On Passeig de Gràcia, Barcelona's emblematic luxury street, the Lladró center is used as a store and museum for its porcelain art pieces. They offer everything from high-quality porcelain based on myths and legends, oriental and Hindu culture, various collections, Disney and Star Wars licenses, among others, as well as home accessories, lamps, and jewelry.

Thanks to the sound installation we have carried out, you will now enjoy pleasant ambient sound during your visit.
29/04/2021 | Education
Schools | Public Address | Sound | Sound Installation | Multi-zone System
Public Address and Music Scheduler System at Doctor Trueta School
Facade of Escola Doctor Trueta with public address installation
Installation of public address and music scheduler at Doctor Trueta School.
The installed multi-zone sound system covers the exteriors and the kindergarten building.
02/12/2020 | Restoration | Technology
Public Address | Sound | Multi-zone System | Ecler | Acoustic Sustainability
Ambient music installation at Cal Cofa restaurant
Facade of the Cal Cofa Restaurant with VisualPlanet sound installation
Ambient music installation at the Cal Cofa restaurant. A sophisticated multi-zone sound system that provides quality sound in lounges spread over three floors and the outdoor patio.
Musical content is also supplied from the AiConnex platform
01/01/2020 | Leisure | Restoration
Lighting | Sound | Sound Installation | Ecler | Cesva
Sound and Lighting Installation in 40 & Más Cocktail Bar
Eighties Sound and Lighting in Bar 40&Más by VisualPlanet
We soundproofed and illuminated a well-known cocktail bar in Barcelona, to create an eighties atmosphere and make the customer feel transported to that era.