Sound and Lighting Installation in 40 & Más Cocktail Bar

01/01/2020 | Leisure | Restoration
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Eighties Interior Ambiance in Bar 40&Más


This is the creation of a musical bar in Barcelona called 40 & Más, which aims to offer an atmosphere of the 80s thanks to its music and eighties disco appearance, so when you go you feel transported to that era.

They need to have sound throughout the premises with good musical quality and that allows for two separate environments. One environment will be the bar area where there should also be a minimal recreation of the discos and atmospheres of the 80s and the other area, the interior area, should have a more relaxed atmosphere, with seating and designed to have a drink at individual tables while customers chat intimately without the sound being an inconvenience.

Quality musical content is also needed, with the necessary permits and licenses for its reproduction.


Study and installation of the sound system and ambiance of the premises
Bar 40 & Más
Sant Gervasi (Barcelona)

Client's Comment

The idea was to recreate the atmosphere of the discos and bars of the 80s era and we have achieved it.


After studying the premises and carrying out the sound calculations, we considered ECLER's products because this manufacturer has a wide range of products for soundproofing the premises and offers high sound quality, as well as an elegant aesthetic that perfectly adapts to the ambiance needed.

We strategically placed speakers in both areas with a vintage white design, which takes care of the aesthetics of the premises and offers high musical quality.

Next to the area where the eighties disco atmosphere is recreated, we located a high-power and range subwoofer to offer thunderous bass and create the ambiance that customers expect from a cocktail bar and eighties disco.

The necessary calculations are also taken into account, paying special attention to the acoustic insulation of the premises, the sound pressure, and the audio projection angle of each of the speakers to comply with the ordinances of the acoustic impact regulation (OMA) required by the relevant body in that area in front of the neighboring buildings.

The installation is managed with a two-zone mixer amplifier that allows us to equalize and control the volume of the sound in each area. In this way, a more relaxed atmosphere is enjoyed in the internal area and something more lively in the bar area and the recreation of the eighties disco.

For the management of the musical content, a player connected via the internet to the AiConnex platform is included, which offers a wide musical menu with more than 250,000 songs separated by styles and reproduction rights. The player also has a backup system that automatically detects a possible internet cut and plays memorized musical content.

For the recreation of the eighties disco, the typical mirror ball and corresponding LED lighting are placed, controlled by a mini DMX lighting console, which allows for color changes, strobes, and the psychedelic effect working to the rhythm of the music typical of the era.


Ecler Wall Speakers in Bar 40&Más


The venue boasts a uniform sound of very high audio quality at any volume. The high-end Ecler wall speakers offer perfect sound quality thanks to their dispersion angle.
Sound and lighting control equipment in Bar 40&Más

Control equipment

A powerful, easy-to-handle, and high-quality system that enables the staff to use it accurately even without sound knowledge. With this, precise and equalized sound is achieved in each area.

The same applies to the lighting control, where essential effects are pre-recorded and the staff does not need to monitor the control system.
1980s Decade Ambiance in Bar 40&Más by VisualPlanet

The ambiance

The sound of the venue and a simple mirror ball with the corresponding LED lighting controlled from the control area, recreates the atmosphere of an eighties disco that transports the customer back to that decade.

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