Decorative acoustic panels

At VisualPlanet we not only acoustically condition your business, but also offer you the latest trends in acoustic panels that absorb noise and reverberation and also decorate.

We create a unique and singular atmosphere adapted to the image your business needs, making your premises a benchmark in your sector for its acoustic comfort and innovative image."

The new organic acoustic panels are 100% natural. Their manufacture reduces carbon CO2 emissions and achieves high efficacy in acoustic quality, perfectly absorbing sound reverberation.

In a place not acoustically conditioned, the reflected noise increases and people must raise their voices, so reverberation increases in turn and less is heard and more must be shouted.
Many customers stop going to places they remember as noisy and also advise their friends against it.

Contact us and we will solve your problem.

Soundproofing and insulation

The ordinances on the environmental acoustic impact of activities make it very clear that they must comply with certain levels of sound emission in impact noise and airborne noise.

Premises must be soundproofed with the necessary additional acoustic insulation in those precise places to comply with the regulations.

Any business is liable to easily exceed the permitted noise levels due to noise emitting sources, such as musical sound installations, customer noise, refrigeration installations, loading and unloading, manufacturing machinery, engines…

Each activity must comply with a different level depending on the sector, location, opening hours, and neighboring adjacencies.

At VisualPlanet, we carry out the necessary sonometry measurements to calculate the current insulation provided by the existing forging in the place and what the necessary insulation would be.

Many premises fail to comply with the levels and receive neighborhood complaints. The penal code punishes with fines and prison sentences of up to 2 years.

Report on the necessary acoustic insulation to soundproof your business after carrying out sound measurements

Report and calculations

After the sonometry measurements of your premises, we carry out the necessary calculations to define the acoustic insulation offered by the existing forgings in your premises currently.

Subsequently, we locate your premises according to the acoustic regulations required by the town hall of your population and define the sonometric needs it requires according to its activity license, opening hours, etc…

All this is taken into account to calculate the necessary insulation to comply with the regulations required for your premises in a specific location or in all of them (Walls, ceilings, floors, downspouts, air circulation...)

We prepare the report according to the requirements, considering the current state of the sonometric measurements and what are the necessary corrective measures of acoustic insulation, placement schemes and sound correction, list of necessary materials and the calculation memory.

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