PA system for schools that includes a programmable music scheduler

Music scheduling according to the school calendar

We automate music according to the school's schedule and calendar, including entries, exits, breaks, class changes, holidays, intensive schedules... Even different melodies and volumes in each area but simultaneously.

The system offers absolute time precision as it is synchronized with the type of internet time servers . The management is computerized.

The center's staff will be able to change and add songs as they like and assign them to each area and/or event according to the schedule.

We also set up the confinement and evacuation plan.

Extensive experience in PA system installation in educational centers

Over 30 years providing advice, engineering, and calculation. Budgets tailored to the economy of the educational center and current regulations, always with the latest generation product.

PA system indoors and outdoors

Extensive measurements and calculations are carried out for the areas to be covered to have the appropriate sound wherever it is required.

In both interior and exterior areas, the volume and area to be covered, the distances, are taken into account sound pressure necessary to choose the cable section, the type of speaker, layout, etc… The idea is to emit the appropriate sound pressure and cover all areas and distances required by regulations.

On the outside, in addition to taking care of the building's aesthetics, the product meets weather protection standards IP-6X and calculates the acoustic impact to the neighbors, ensuring that the sound pressure never exceeds the limits required by regulations.

We usually always divide the center into zones, and even subzones, in this way we control the volume, the equalization, and the music or microphone messages of each area.

Assembly of several photos with PA installations in schools, done by VisualPlanet

What our customers think

View of the Escola Ramon Llull where VisualPlanet installed the interior and exterior PA system of the center

Manel Lombardía (Principal) - RAMÓN LLULL SCHOOL

After contacting various companies, the seriousness and proposal presented by VisualPlanet was very interesting and attractive to us.

The personal attention and technical advice on the music programming system made us choose them.

VisualPlanet has allowed us to have a quality team according to our needs and budget. The installation was done quickly and cleanly.

The result has been a complete success.

View of the Escola la Marina where Visualplanet carried out the exterior sound installation

Emma Villanueva (Head of Studies) - LA MARINA SCHOOL

They went to the school to see the need and take measurements. They quickly gave us the budget and it was not cheaper than others, but it was the special solution that solved our needs and no one had offered it to us.

The installation has been impeccable and perfectly meets our needs. No cables across the patio, audio power, and no disturbing neighbors during events.

It's clear that they have demonstrated professionalism, commitment, and good advice.

View of the Escola JOAN SOLANS where VisualPlanet installed the interior and exterior PA system for the radio project

Lluís Pardo (Principal) - JOAN SOLANS SCHOOL

At the Joan Solans school, the PA system has been installed to carry out the radio project for the next course and time control through music.

We have been advised by the technicians of VisualPlanet who have provided us with a very professional service to carry out the project.

The installation process of the equipment has been very satisfactory, quite fast, and with a clean and perfect finish. The equipment is of very good quality.

Without a doubt, we now have the supplier for any other solution we may need related to sound.

View of the Escola EL TURÓ where Visualplanet carried out the interior and exterior sound installation

Inma Espinosa (Female Principal) - EL TURÓ SCHOOL

After a faculty meeting, we decided to install the PA system in the school so that students could enter and exit the school with music.

The price compared to the competition is very good. I only asked for a quote from another company and it seemed excessively expensive.

The installation was very quick and did not disturb classes. The cleanliness was excellent. The relationship with the workers is very close and correct. They have adapted at all times to our needs.

We are very happy with the installation. We recommend it 100%.

The advice has been excellent!

We only work with products and brands that comply with regulations and ensure the success of the installation.

Ouver, Acustic, eCLER, Apart, DAP, Denon, Bose, JBL… And cable with 99.97% copper purity and oxygen-free. Out with the noises!!

In many installations, competitors use cables with a copper and aluminum alloy that greatly reduces the cost, due to this, power loss is increased in the last speakers and the signal is filled with noise.

Do not hesitate to consult us. Our technical department will be happy to solve your doubts.

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