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Spotlights, moving heads, light projectors, panels, and professional lighting equipment

Ambient Lighting: A color for every occasion

Creation of pleasant, warm, unique, welcoming, and personal environments.
Capable of adapting to any moment or situation.
Direct or indirect lighting for all types of environments and interiors.

In which environment do you operate?

Installation of controllers and regulators that modify the color or intensity of lighting.

There is a wide variety of lamps, strips, and LED spotlights that offer the ability to change color. All RGB products have this possibility, which you can control at any time depending on the ambiance you need.

With RGB controllers, you can not only change the color of the light but also its intensity, from dim to bright, as well as program effects with color shifts, varying brightness, and continuous flashes.

The range of application goes from a small apartment to a museum or a trendy cocktail bar meant to become a reference in its area.

Easy and remote

Take full control of lighting from your smartphone or tablet, whether to set up stage lighting or design a simple user interface for the owner of a bar or home.

This type of remote control allows changing the light intensity or the color of a room comfortably thanks to a simple app, via the WiFi of your iOS or Android device.

Tablet running the lighting control software

Architectural Lighting: When night falls...

It can turn a dark place into a completely magical and charming place.
Building facades, gardens, swimming pools, monuments... everything suddenly comes to life.

Exterior architectural lighting

Thanks to light, we can perceive spaces.

But with light, one can also influence architectural perception:
Expand and accentuate spaces, establish connections, and define areas and zones.

The appearance of a space can be modified by light, without altering its physical aspect.
Light leads the gaze, manages perception, and directs attention to details.

Through light, spaces can be distributed and interpreted, to accentuate areas or achieve connections between the outside and inside.
Light distribution and the level of illumination have a decisive influence on the perception of architecture.

Accentuate architectural elements

Lighting architectural details allows directing attention towards different elements of the construction. In front of an illuminated wall, dim light accentuates elements or surfaces, emphasizing their shape and texture.

Through the lighting of architectural elements, they can be visually structured. Thanks to varied lighting, a hierarchy of the space is achieved.
With soft light, elements with high plasticity can create intense, well-defined shadows.

Through light, the different functional areas in the space can be enhanced, such as trafficked surfaces, seating areas, and display surfaces.
Zone lighting with defined lighting spots visually separates one area from another.
The differentiation of light colors achieves contrasts and accentuates the different areas.

Spectacular lighting & effects: Let's dance!!!

Design of nightclubs, concerts, and other types of shows.
Lighting becomes an essential part if one wants to enjoy the best experience.
Lights controlled by advanced computer systems.

Spectacular lighting in a nightclub

Show & entertainment

VisualPlanet brings its collective experience and vision to create lighting systems at the forefront of sustainable lighting. We offer design, calculation, integration, and project management services for installations of any size.

If you're thinking of setting up a concert hall, a multi-level nightclub, or a spectacular lighting system for your music bar, our team provides the material and necessary experience to ensure the success of your project.

In each project, the client's needs should be clearly identified in a comprehensive design. Our staff listens attentively and offers unique and innovative design solutions.

DMX managed lighting

DMX (Digital MultipleX) is an electronic protocol used in lighting technology for the control of stage lighting, allowing communication between lighting control equipment.

DMX is used to control lighting devices such as scanners and moving heads, lasers, LED strips, and special effect devices like fog or smoke machines.

DMX system and spectacular lighting management software

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